Tuesday, August 26, 2008


at 2 am this morning my grandmother died.
when i was a kid, she used to come out to the cottage with my dad and i for 2 weeks straight. we would just hang out for 14 days straight. we would make food together, relaxe together, play card games together, i drew a lot when she knit. about 5 years ago she stopped comming out because of her health. then 2 years ago my mom and i went out to visit her in guelph ontario. i haven't seen her since and i feel like shit. i didn't get a chance to say goodbye or anything. she was a wonderful woman and i hope she's somewhere happy.

shot down

i'm really bad for procrastinating. i know i should be working harder on my art, but i just keep screwing around. i need to set myself a serious schedule to work on projects and complete things.
like homework or something, i need someone to give me serious shit if i don't work on things.
i drew tonight though for a while so i'm stoked on that.
oh, and adam found a recording of the radiohead show in montreal that we were at and it's amazing! i listened to it tonight and it was so sweet, except for the guy recording it had a silly yell.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

travel the way, travel it all away

so, sort of a long week. it seems like AGES ago that i was in montreal.
what a bummer.

i forgot about these videos until something reminded me of them tonight, and holy hell are they awesome!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

just a body

so, i caved and now i have a blog. these are some of my pictures from this past week in montreal.

hanging out in the airport waiting for marc to arrive

the guys' "technology table"

marc d

some sights

had sushi on the first night there with tarik

the next day we waited for 3 hours in line to get into parc jean-drapeau to see radiohead

cedric showed up!

this was the park right as we were let in

this was the park behind me after more than 35, 000 people came.
notice the guy staring right at me with the skullett, he's managed to sneak into a few too many photos.

pre show

blargh. i don't have many pictures from the show, unfortunately

the next day, alycia and i went out for breakfast at this place called frootz. it was amazing

wu tang clan aint nuthin to fuck with

that night, some mayhem went down, and afterwards jeff thought it was a good idea for a picture to pretend to be pouring twizzlers into "sleeping" andrews mouth (...)

alycia thought she would serinade me with the latest and the greatest

j, andrew, chris, alycia and i took a walk through old montreal the next day before jeff and i got tattooed

got the outline done

and this is the finished product. i'll be getting one for my dad on my other foot in the next couple months

jeff got his done too

if you're looking to get tattooed in montreal i highly suggest going to studio tattoo mania, check out joel

Jeff, alycia and i went to celine dions restaurant that night in celebration of life

jeff got such a gross sandwich

i ordered a greek salad. this is apparently what celine thinks a greek salad is

i noticed after uploading my pictures that i really like to document my food. so good!

tarik and i went to a restaurant named "eggspectations" in the morning on saturday and i had really good eggs benedict. then my camera died.

boumford picked up this jem of a t shirt in a local store

after getting new batteries, we shopped around and got some sweet starbucks

and then we had the hairbrained idea to take a metro way out to nowhere, to find a really good bagle shop. we got lost a couple times but the bagels were pretty good

back at the hotel room absinthe shots went around. this is pre shot

this is after shot

i loved the metro situation there, public transportation is so shit in winnipeg compared to montreal

i'll be back there soon hopefully, just not soon enough